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    I find the current Cut and Paste to be inferior to ipad, and wonder if the current implementation are going to be enhanced in OS2. The way iPad works is:

    1. Tap the word once and hold, the word is selected and a menu pops up with options to copy. There is also additional menu option to pop up the dictionary. Quite handy.

    2. Tap the word twice and hold, and the entire sentence is selected and the menu pops up.

    3. Tap the word three times and hold and the entire paragraph is selected.
    In the above, the left and right delimiters can easily be extended to include more words.

    We can add the above, and additionally be novel in the Playbook in two ways:

    1. by adding another option in the menu to paste the current selection into Google (new browser session starts)

    2. by adding to the pop-up keyboard a "Paste" key which pastes whatever saved in the clipboard at the marker point in the text field.

    I find myself putting down the tablet and use a laptop more often when it comes to cut and paste usage. Would anyone agree?
    02-01-12 05:55 PM