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    Hi All

    First post here. After struggling with the PB and its email native app, here is my summary of the problems that I have encountered:

    1) The removal of emails from ISP's server in POP email accounts even when 'leave emails on server' option in on.

    2) Some mail folders and in some cases the contents of email folders not being displayed in Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail accounts.

    3) Being unable to send emails from other email accounts set up within Gmail.

    4) Mailbox issues with IMAP.

    These issues issues have rendered the email app almost unuseable for me. I hope RIM are looking at these issues as a matter of urgency and that an update is very soon forthcoming.

    Any insider knowledge as to when there might be a resolution to any of these problems would be most gratefully received!
    03-27-12 05:47 AM