1. victor66's Avatar
    I asked the folks at Kobo if I could use another ereading app to read books from Kobo... Specifically Overdrive. Kobo support says this is fine with them - and I was told to navigate to the Kobo website and open my books using Overdrive... Problem is that all I get is the ascm link... And no other Ereader app will open the file. I am not interested in stripping drm from the Kobo books, then transfer the books back to my playbook. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to simply use whatever ereading app I want to read books I own, using only my playbook?

    08-20-12 08:47 PM
  2. Xopher's Avatar
    You could always side-load the Kobo Android app. It is supposed to be different/better than the native PlayBook app.
    08-20-12 09:04 PM