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    Hi everyone,

    We are looking for some early feedback on a new feature that we are working on called Smart Play within the AutoPlay Media Player app :-). The goal of this feature is to add 'smarts' to your video viewing experience. In addition to being able to make your own playlists (which is currently available), wouldn't it be nice if your video player automatically learned your preferences and automatically created a playlist with the best of your favorites and constantly adapts to what you like -- the best parts of movies that you like, the best parts of music videos that you like, or the best parts of tv episodes you like aggregated in a series of clips that form your auto-favorites list-- all done locally on your PlayBook.

    We believe this is a unique feature that is not found in any video players regardless of platform and is exclusive to the PlayBook.

    If you would be willing to help us out, please send us a note at bumblebeecomputing@gmail.com. Please note, to load a development version of the app, you will need to know how to side load a bar file :-)

    Many thanks!
    BumbleBee Computing
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    11-18-12 08:44 AM
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    If you're planning to have the beta test extend beyond mid december (when I finish finals) I'd be happy to help then.
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    11-18-12 07:21 PM
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    I am in. I have a large selection of music and movies.
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    11-19-12 06:35 AM
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    Hmmmm. Sounds interesting although I'm one of those who does not like the Supermarket predicting my future purchasing behavior!
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    11-19-12 10:54 AM
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    @SCrid2000: Many thanks for your offer to help! We'll definitely contact you if the beta extends to mid-Dec. Good luck on your exams!
    @blusls: Awesome that you can help. If you send a note to bumblebeecomputing@gmail.com, we'll send you the bar file and some brief instructions.
    @F2: You raise a good point. And is a good opportunity to highlight that this feature does everything locally. All information it collects never leaves your PlayBook. So to para-phrase the Vegas saying, what is happens on your PlayBook, stays on your PlayBook :-)

    I want to also take this opportunity to publicly thank cbvinh. He was very helpful in providing feedback overall on how to improve AutoPlay and sent in PM very thoughtful suggestions after carefully evaluating it for a week. I think this is a great example of the calibre and helpfulness that is the CrackBerry community. Many thanks cbvinh!
    11-19-12 06:36 PM
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    Hi everyone,

    One of the feedback points we received was that this Smart Play feature would be especially useful within a Music Player setting. We've being thinking about this and have spent a couple of weeks investigating and prototyping what this would look like and testing ourselves if we would find this useful. So far, it looks promising :-) Attached is a couple of screenshots of the prototype.

    One of the questions we are debating is how useful syncing with itunes would be. The idea is that the Music Player would be able to wireless sync all your songs in iTunes and make that available locally for you to play. And as you add new songs in iTunes, it will sync just the new ones.

    It's a bit of dev work on the Windows and Mac side, so we wanted to get some feedback in terms of it's usefulness -- rather than a bunch of engineers guessing what we think would be useful to the PlayBook community :-)

    Any suggestions/feedback would be appreciated!
    Attached Thumbnails [Early feedback request] Smart Play feature of AutoPlay Media Player-img_00000101.jpg   [Early feedback request] Smart Play feature of AutoPlay Media Player-img_00000102.jpg  
    12-01-12 02:43 PM
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    Thanks Bumble2000! I was glad to review the program and give my feedback. Thanks for being a proactive and responsive developer!
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    12-03-12 12:50 AM
  8. FF22's Avatar
    Thanks Bumble2000! I was glad to review the program and give my feedback. Thanks for being a proactive and responsive developer!
    Very responsive - first there was the need to create an app that allowed video playlists and they created it. Then they improved the app due to suggestions.
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    12-03-12 09:59 AM
  9. bugmeyes's Avatar
    I personally don't use itunes so it isn't a big deal for me, but i'm sure this is something a lot of people would love. Something that I would love is the ability to listen to online radio, like what winamp does with shoutcast.
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    12-03-12 11:16 AM

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