1. lwaysluking's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    I lost my connection to Appworld this evening for a couple of minutes and when I got it back I saw Madden Football at a price of $3.99 and Dead Space at $4.99 with no mention of a price reduction in the title. I wanted to purchase Madden Football but saw $6.99+tax at checkout, and cancelled the transaction, noting the discrepancy.
    I realized after a few minutes that someone must be updating Appworld, even as I write this, because the EA games I spotted at reduced prices started getting "On Sale" prefixes added to their titles. I figure the sale prices will be updated (hopefully) by early morning so, happy shopping (but double check the prices anyway)!

    Titles spotted so far at reduced prices:
    Madden Football, $3.99
    Dead Space, $4.99
    Game of Life, $3.99
    Simcity Deluxe, $3.99
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    11-17-11 10:57 PM
  2. pinkert11's Avatar
    They are marked down in ap world, but when i click to purchase i am getting full price. I think i will try again in the AM.
    11-17-11 11:06 PM
  3. gord888's Avatar
    same here... i wanna play now ...

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    11-18-11 12:06 AM
  4. kuru_s's Avatar
    i just paid for my app at half price, got dead space. i already have this on my xbox bust i want to the playbook pushed a little more than just web browsing
    11-18-11 12:35 AM
  5. Rello's Avatar
    working for me
    11-18-11 12:47 AM
  6. FF22's Avatar
    Ah, you're right - the price finally reflects the sale price. What the ell, DeadSpace it is!
    11-18-11 12:48 AM
  7. majorusa's Avatar
    Not anymore. Back to regular price.
    11-18-11 01:44 AM
  8. minnick's Avatar
    *******. wish u didnt post this now i might have to buy one >_<
    11-18-11 02:06 AM
  9. juacas's Avatar
    well, I just see the regular price in the tiles...
    11-18-11 06:15 AM
  10. manofice1's Avatar
    damnit, i would have bought a bunch of those games at the reduced prices!

    edit: their still on sale

    got dead space and will get more! how much is deadspace usually?
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    11-18-11 06:17 AM
  11. billk2k's Avatar
    If they update these apps, will you be forced to pay the other 1/2 of the price to receive the update?
    11-18-11 07:52 AM
  12. manofice1's Avatar
    If they update these apps, will you be forced to pay the other 1/2 of the price to receive the update?
    email support and ask?
    11-18-11 07:53 AM
  13. BarracudaBob's Avatar
    Does anyone know if these games work with the beta OS 2.0?
    11-18-11 08:02 AM
  14. gjoseph14's Avatar
    i'm still seeing these prices at $6.99.
    11-18-11 08:42 AM
  15. FF22's Avatar
    Someone mentioned that the sale may only be in US and/or Canada????

    I asked about the "ON SALE Dead Space ...." in the Apps subforum. Since I canNOT backup using DM, I have no idea what will happen if I need to restore.

    We shall see - all things RIM are mysterious.
    11-18-11 09:04 AM
  16. pbforlife's Avatar
    weren't they going to give away SIMS for free?
    11-18-11 09:07 AM
  17. manofice1's Avatar
    weren't they going to give away SIMS for free?
    for the blackberry, not playbook
    11-18-11 09:12 AM
  18. sk8er_tor's Avatar
    I just bought Dead Space! $4.99!!! Awesome!
    11-18-11 10:17 AM
  19. BKillar's Avatar
    I just bought them at discounted prices - they are now in the Featured Section of App World on Playbook.
    11-18-11 10:53 AM
  20. chrism_scotland's Avatar
    Wish these were on offer in the UK!
    11-18-11 10:58 AM
  21. xnwrx's Avatar
    neither in France
    11-18-11 01:18 PM