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    Hello everyone,

    I composed an e-mail to Sirius Canada letting them know that they have many subscribers who are still waiting to be able to listen to their paid subscriptions through their BB7 device and or Playbook. Please feel free to copy, paste and edit this e-mail and forward it off to sirius canada. The more demand they get the more chance we have of enjoying Sirius on our Blackberry Devices.

    If anyone composes one thats better or more convincing, please share.

    The url to the sirius customer care feedback form:

    SIRIUS Satellite Radio Canada - Contact Us


    I hope this reaches you well.

    I have been a subscriber Sirius radio for many years. For a few of those years I had the ability to listen to Sirius on my Blackberry device running OS 6. Last year Blackberry updated their operating systems for all their newest phones. The new Blackberry OS7 is smoother and faster. Since upgrading to my new Blackberry Bold 9900 I have been without my mobile sirius as the App is not yet compatible with my new device.

    The fact is that in 2011 RIM sold 2.8 million Blackberry devices in Canada. Blackberry is now the 2nd most popular smartphone in Canada. I am writing you today to show your company that there are a majority of your subscribers who cannot take advantage of the opportunity to listen to Sirius 'on the go.'

    Please forward this feedback on as I am requesting that your company invest in an App that is compatible on Blackberry 7 devices as well as the Blackberry Playbook.

    Warm regards,

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    03-24-12 09:03 AM
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    They should have already made the app it can't be that difficult. I go to the web site and stream it now but an app would show commitment. I stand with my Canadian friends and will request as well.
    03-24-12 11:50 AM
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    The irony is that if you sideload the Android app is works fine on the Playbook, other than the screen formatting is wrong. Sirius could easily update its Android app to handle the screen dimensions of the PB and port the thing to the Playbook. Problem solved without too much programming effort. I agree a native PB and OS 7 app is ideal but I can live with an Android port. Perhaps they are waiting for BBOS 10 so they only need one app? Either way I'll happily send them an email to prod them along.
    03-24-12 12:14 PM
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    Here is the email I just sent if anyone wants to use/adapt it. I tried to take more of a "if you don't let us use it, you may lose us", approach.


    I am a Sirius subscriber and have two radios registered. I listen to Sirius daily, either in my car, on my home stereo or online using my PC. However I really miss not having Sirius on my Blackberry Playbook and my BB Torch 9810, OS 7 device. I used to listen to Sirius using my old BB 9630 and am disappointed there is no app for my new phone.

    I will confess that I have sideloaded a port of your Android App on to my Playbook and it works fine, but for the screen formatting so I know that Sirius can be made available on the Playbook with only a few modifications to your existing Android app to have it recognize the PB screen dimensions.

    Can you please have your capable app developers focus their energies on apps for the current BB devices? Blackberry is still one of the top smartphones and tablets in Canada and there are thousands of your customers who are Blackberry users who are unable to take full advantage of their Sirius subscriptions. With the increasing availability of free Internet radio apps such as Nobex which are available on the Playbook and OS7 Blackberries, Sirius runs the risk of losing customers who choose free over paid only because they cannot access their paid subscriptions on their Playbook or Blackberry.

    Personally, I have resolved the lack of Sirius by placing my music library on my home computer and streaming it using a free music streaming program, Subsonic, to my PB browser, or Blackberry because the browser is compatible or an app is available. Subsonic has cut into the amount of time I listen to Sirius because I use my Playbook or Blackberry more than my PC when not in my car.

    Thank you,

    03-24-12 12:38 PM
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    I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I fired up my work PC and went to log into my Sirius Canada account to stream my dailiy fix of Stern. They had re-done the player so I instantly logged out and grabbed my Playbook to see if it worked. I was very excited to find out that it worked and I can use my Playbook to stream Sirius. No more side loading the Android Sirius player.

    Try it out and post back if it works for you. Show Sirius some love for doing this!
    09-24-12 12:33 PM