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    This doesn't have to do specifically with OS 2.0 because it was doing it before, I just wanted to see if 2.0 would fix it and it didn't. But whenever I back up my PlayBook with Desktop Manager on my MacBook, and then sync some newly added music from my iTunes via DM, after the sync there's one specific playlist that gets re-added every time I sync the PlayBook with the music section. Ironically enough, it's some instrumental music that I labeled the playlist "Zen" just to relax to. But yet, when I finish the sync, there's always a new "Zen" playlist. Right now there's "Zen", "Zen_1" and "Zen_2" ...

    Why is that? How/why does it duplicate the playlist and re-add it? Yet none of the other playlists get duplicated ...
    02-21-12 03:21 PM
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    Bumpity bump bump
    02-23-12 03:00 AM