1. twdawson's Avatar
    I am using bluebox and have been creating docs in word on the pc which i sync to dropbox.
    Then from the playbook i download them with bluebox, if i need to edit them on the pb i sync them back to dropbox.

    When i go to open them on the pc MS Word complains that the file has corrupted content.

    What is causing this problem, is it docs to go or the bluebox app.

    Anybody else had this problem.

    05-10-12 08:58 AM
  2. lobsterEater's Avatar
    maybe after u press save, u didnt wait for the app to load the save function properly/completely before closing the app? (it causes the file to be half saved aka corrupted ) try to give the app a sec or two after pressing the save button, or save twice just to be sure XD and if its a really important file id save it twice as different files (one for backup)
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    05-10-12 11:10 AM
  3. twdawson's Avatar
    But if I delete the file from the PB and re download it then it opens fine in docs to go so i know it's saving correctly.
    05-10-12 12:08 PM