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    iPhone & iPad Live 193: Hulk pants - YouTube!

    I just finished watching this podcast and had some thoughts. They talk about Draw something, which I think is similar to the sketching game on the PB. They make the point that after becoming quite popular it has already pretty much gone away. This makes me think that there might be a paradigm shift when it comes to how we think about apps, and it isn't about the number of apps you have but if you have what apps are currently popular, like how games are with gaming console. If it becomes like that no platform will be 'to late'.

    I've acutally played Draw something and its pretty fun but after a couple weeks of playing it I'm pretty much done with it. Something I did notice and which might be another topic of dicussion is that this app seemed to update itself without needing a downloaded update through the app store. This is interesting since to me it would indicate it is web-based. Its a pretty simple app and if it is web-based to me it would seem simple to port to all platforms, but thats just a thought based on my limited knowledge.

    Any thoughts?
    05-14-12 04:14 AM
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    I feel the same way in regards to Draw Something. At first it is a cool new concept but after time the luster wears off similar to Angry Birds. I am enjoying Temple Run that game is pretty awesome.

    But overall, I don't think people are concerned about these games/apps, it's more the fact that they are not being made available for the BBOS platform (although that may change come fall with BB10). RIM isn't alone either. These popular apps aren't available for the WP platform.

    I admit there has been tremendous progress in the last few weeks/months with the quality and type of apps that have been showing up in the app world. So, I remain cautiously optimistic that RIM can turn it around but I may not be there for the ride.

    I'm sorry but I am a person that needs to see progress. BBWDC was good but not enough.
    05-14-12 09:42 AM
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    I do think this is the case with GAMES, but not necessarily APPS. Hot games come and go. I can't tell you the last time I opened up Angry Birds, and I don't think I've even installed Words With Friends on my Rezound. But where apps are concerned, I still use a LOT that I used on my first Blackberry! Kindle, photobucket, IM apps, and Weather Bug Elite are some examples. Likewise I still use a lot of apps available on Android now that I did when I got my first Android device. If apps are indeed productive for the individual they won't care if it's hot or not, as long as it still receives developer support.
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    05-14-12 11:12 AM
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    I agree, Sketch with Friends (I don't know what draw whatever is =P ) is highly addictive at the beginning, but then, we move on into other things quickly.

    I must be part of the we do, they don't BB thingy. =D
    05-14-12 11:19 AM
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    I think there are only a few 'must-have' apps and they are available on all platforms. Like, phone, IM, calender, email, weather... and so on.

    I think the real differentiator in the future, maybe even now is games and social apps. People who disagree are probably the app-centric people who like having obsure random apps that dont matter to most.

    I also see RIM having some killer apps and multi-tasking between them that no platform will be able to duplicate. Most won't see the paradigm shift till its already happened.
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    05-15-12 12:58 AM