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    I have had my Playbook for a few months now after I had problems with my laptop power supply and I love it. My first tablet and I find it so easy to use with my disability. However one of my frustrations is the lack of craft apps and in particular cross stitch apps. Both Apple and Android have plenty of such apps but Blackberry has no cross stitch apps, either in Appworld or side-loaded. I have tried contacting developers of Android apps to see if they would consider converting their apps to bar files but either I have had no response at all or the one response I did get was they did not want to operate on another store front. In particular I am looking for apps for floss (thread) inventory, to convert one thread brand to another and for fabric count.

    I just thought I would post to see if anyone else is looking for such apps for the Blackberry Playbook and whether a developer would consider making such apps. Unfortunately most of the android apps are paid (though not all) and I don't own an android device. I tried an android tablet along with a Playbook before I made a purchase and much preferred the Playbook. I don't regret it but wish I had Cross Stitch apps.
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    12-15-12 06:17 AM
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    Cross stitch and conversion for yarns and needle sizes are needed.
    12-15-12 11:41 AM
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    I have a thread for BB10 app ideas and someone pointed me to this one.
    Do you have any examples of the Android or iOS app, just because I am not familiar with that type of app.
    12-19-12 02:59 PM
  4. Carnationqueen's Avatar
    Thank you for your replies and interest in my original post.

    I have numerous thread conversion charts in Word and PDF format on my laptop. As far as Android Apps are concerned the two I was specifically looking at were FLOSS CHECKLIST and PARK'S COLOR THREAD ED 2012 but also CROSS-STITCH THREAD CONVERTER, CROSS-STITCH COUNT CONVERTER and CROSS-STITCH FABRIC CALCULATOR, all on Google Play. I know there are similar IOS apps but I haven't looked at them in detail. Obviously you would need the shade numbers for the embroidery brands such as DMC and Anchor but these are easily available on the Internet. Floss Checklist is basically a form of inventory and you would need a check box or even better quantity input.

    I hope that helps and if I can offer any further assistance please let me know.
    12-20-12 06:04 AM

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