1. abiator's Avatar
    These gameloft sales forced me to buy the 3 games which are on sale, total of about 1.5 gb. Does anyone know if after you install the game, does the game take up more storage than the download size? 16 Gb playbook was definitely a mistake...
    12-03-11 02:51 PM
  2. kill_9's Avatar
    Depending upon any compression used to package the installation files for the application it is certainly possible. I cannot speak to whether the size listed in BlackBerry App World represents the installer size or the storage required by the actual installed application. Maybe you can download the application to your desktop and notebook computer and compare the stated size to the file size.
    12-03-11 07:46 PM
  3. peter9477's Avatar
    The App World listing is, I'm fairly sure, the package size. The installed size can be a tiny bit or a lot larger, but I'm sure any reputable developer will have considered this and ensured that the app's most space-hungry assets are stored in a compressed format even then, to minimize the app's impact on your disk usage. For an app from any such vendor you can expect the App World size to be only a few percent less than the installed size.
    12-03-11 09:57 PM