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    I'm not 100% whether this should go here or in the OS forum but I'm currently running the latest OS 2.0 beta but I keep getting "An internal error has occurred" when I try to load any Doc or Xls files, its really annoying and it was working fine before.

    Has anyone got any suggestions at all?

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    12-29-11 11:12 AM
  2. L8Guy's Avatar
    I am not one of the CB experts, but may be able to help. I was using OS2.0.0.4xxx and when there was an upgrade to os2.0.0.6xxx, I upgraded my PB. I found some weird things happen and I think I had the same error in Doc2Go. My problem app was Kindle and it seemed my problem was in /sdcard directory. I couldn't create anything in it and the dir was empty. Anyways, I re-signed for the Beta OS and did a security wipe on the PB which then installed a clean version of This solved the Kindle problem and I have used Docs2Go on .xls .doc files with no problem. After clean install I checked the /sdcard directory and found a number of sub-directories already there that weren't there before. I could create directories and erase them and copy and paste etc. I used the Astro app for file manager. Maybe check and look at you /sdcard directory .... if it is empty and you can't create a directory in it, try doing a clean install of the current beta. Just my experience and thoughts, and maybe it wil help.
    12-29-11 12:26 PM