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    Many of the available apps now in app world have quite attractive descriptions and screenshots. I would like to try them myself but for some reason I do not like histories piling up in my 'uninstalled' list, if in case I dislike them and decide to delete them. Ratings also help a lot in deciding whether to give the apps a try, but sometimes not reliable because not everyone who downloads gives reviews, and looking at the ratings is somehow an unfair way to judge an app. Also some are relatively new and must be given time to gather followers. This is subjective, but has anyone here downloaded any of the unrated or lowly rated (perhaps 3 stars below) games/apps, and which of these apps have you kept installed and have found commendable? Please share.Thanks. Answers will be very much appreciated.
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    03-14-12 06:54 PM
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    i try out a lot of unrated apps.. but if it has a bad rating from several people and no positives i will definitely avoid it.
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    03-14-12 06:59 PM
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    I took a chance and bought the Lexulous app for playbook despite some bad ratings in AppWorld. I regretted it as soon as I opened and realized that it has no Facebook integration. I still have it installed because I am hoping for an update that will bring that feature.

    But, I should have believed the bad reviews of the app!
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    03-15-12 01:27 AM
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    A bad review is obviously not the same thing as an unrated app.
    If the (bad) reviews are mentioning issues regarding the quality or the functionality of the app, then it's a no brainer for me: I don't even touch it.
    But no rating at all could mean something else (new app for example) so I would take the risk more easily if the app is really attractive to me.
    Sometimes, more info can be found on the web, so that's also a way to check games or applications (regardless if you're checking an Android or IOS version of it).
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    03-15-12 03:55 AM
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    It's a judgement call for me, not based on ratings. I read the reviews carefully and look at the version numbers to see if the app has been updated. Also, sometimes the ratings have been pulled down by idiots sounding off about something not related to how the app functions. Finally, I find that features that bother some users are not a problem for me. For example, some people complain if the app interface is minimalist and others dislike complex visuals.
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    03-15-12 12:36 PM
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    I look at what the reviews say, not the ratings. A zero star rating with "no leaderboards" doesn't really matter to me as much as the four star rating about how it's a great game that runs smoothly but has room to improve feature wise. Also, If I look and see several hundred five star reviews which say "the game said I'd get 500 coins if I gave a five star rating", that says a lot more than the five star rating did, and I won't spend the $6.99 on that app... There's also whether it's paid or free. If it's free the only thing. I lose is that my "uninstalled" section becomes cluttered, whereas I lose money on a paid app. I do, however, ignore good ratings until there are more than around 10, since quite often developers get family and friends to buy their app and give high reviews.
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    03-15-12 02:36 PM
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    I look at the screen-shots and description.
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    03-15-12 05:04 PM
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    I did it once for the heck of it. It was an old school shooter whose name escapes me at the moment (I am not near my PB unfortunately right now) and it was luckily a decent download. I am very cautious nowadays however and mainly rely on the reviews before purchase. If an app is good, it will jump to four or five start in a short period of time.
    03-15-12 05:56 PM
  9. helsinki98's Avatar
    I base my purchases on forum threads and if the app looks to have polished graphics/ui from the screenshots. The small app image needs to be of a high standard otherwise i don't even look.
    03-15-12 06:20 PM
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    Mostly i will look at the reviews/screenshots and take a look at the forums to get myself more familiar with the application(s) i want to buy.
    Many applications out there that could be worth a try, since it's just too easy to buy applications nowadays, 1 or 2 clicks and you bought it.
    Don't let yourself drown away too much in a application that you find interesting. Do some logical research before you step into action and buy it.
    03-15-12 06:26 PM
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    there has been more, a-hem, excrement type of applications lately. I downloaded one app that had nice screen shots but it was obviously an android port and controls were terrible. I deleted within minutes of paying my 0.99
    03-15-12 06:26 PM