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    Much has been said by nay sayers, trolls and 'pad' fans, about the weak PB app collection. Apps can be fully on the tablet, or like news apps and mapping, feeds from online sources. There is another way, even better- the program being on a web server ...

    Now we have cause to cheer ... during the past few days updates to Adobe Flash have been given to the PB.

    I was pleased to use the new cloud version of photoshop elements simply by making a free account at photoshop.com
    This program allows pictures (now only jpg) on the PB, to be edited on line, then saved on the PB.

    With no 'pad' Flash, this is one of many Flash cloud apps that will make the PB the #1 tablet
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    06-22-11 07:53 PM
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    Yes, I signed up on photoshop.com for this feature. I have the older version of photoshop 7 on my laptop and now can use the PB going to the website for editing when away from my laptop
    06-22-11 08:01 PM
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    Good tip rcab, I also beliave cloud though flash is a great way to get all kind of apps from the playbook withouth having dedicated developers, have you tried SumoPaint? awesome flash paint application and works beautifull in the playbook, I actually have it bookmarked on my desktop...

    We should create a sticky thread with a compilation of the best flash apps and games that work fine on the PB, would anyone like to maintain shuch a list?
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    mmm, this thread made me loook for other flash apps, but all I could find was photo/image editors, sumopaint being the most popular one but ther's actually a bunch and some of them look quite good, here is a compilation:


    I didn't try any of them on my pb though...
    06-23-11 12:13 AM
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    I hope all this cloud crap doesn't take over. You can't be connected to the internet everywhere you go.
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    06-23-11 12:21 AM
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    I hope all this cloud crap doesn't take over. You can't be connected to the internet everywhere you go.
    My sentiment exactly. As nice as it would be to have an always on anywhere connection it just simply isn't possible.

    This I feel will be the undoing of the Chromebook. Although I do like the sound of these FlashApps. Especially if it is something that will get one up on Apple.
    06-23-11 03:59 AM
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    im not a huge lover of cloud storage for the obvious reason of not having your data without a connection, on the plus side with flash working just as well over bridge you can have your data anywhere you have a phone signal

    flash definitely removes the need for a lot of apps having a full browser though, cant say ive ever opened the youtube app for example but i use the website loads
    06-23-11 07:47 AM
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    The networks are now rolling out 4G, as soon as we take a breath there will be 5G .. 6G .. or whatever they call it. Even today's standalone rudimentary devices on 4G have fabulous Internet speed.

    The PB will be upgraded, by hardware & software, to the latest network capabilities. It will capture these speeds using 'tether', or whatever is used.
    If you have an unlimited Internet plan, likely you already have high speed Internet at no extra charge.

    That being said, 'cloud apps' (or what they will be called) will be soon be transparent to WIFI, and, likely better.
    Adobe and the other vendors using Flash and other technologies will capture the network abilities.
    The new BB 9900's will capture these speeds.
    WIFI is not available everywhere, but, you will have high speed Internet wherever you have phone service.

    If on the PB you use apps that access Google Maps, you already accessing huge server based apps.
    If you are getting news feeds from BB News you using these servers too.
    Angry Birds on-line anyone?

    Data for programs, like photoshop.com, use data from your PB, or computer,.
    It then 'does stuff' on the file (data), then saves the data back to your device.
    Only the program (app) is installed off your device.
    While you might use the 'on-line storage' available from these programs, with large capacity memory on your PB or PC, you always have an option to locally store your data.
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    06-23-11 09:07 AM