1. angkorbeer's Avatar

    I noticed something strange yesterday.

    I was watching videos on Youtube using the PB's stock browser. I switched to Dolphin browser and continued watching videos.. or tried to: Because about 1 in 2 would return a "Sorry, this video is currently unavailable" message (in Youtube's video window).
    I thought that was strange so I tried to load some of the videos that I'd just watched with the stock browser : same thing, "not available"...

    So, why is it that one browser can load videos and not the other ?

    (Also, I find it strange that videos that I can watch on Youtube's page through the browser cannot be accessed in the Youtube app...)
    07-18-12 02:10 PM
  2. look_alive's Avatar
    Because the Android emulator on the Playbook does not support Flash, so the only YouTube videos that Dolphin Browser can access are the ones that have been encoded in HTML5 and H.264, which is how it's handled on iOS devices.

    Because the Playbook browser DOES support Flash, you have a larger selection of YouTube videos that you can access. If you tried watching a video that was only encoded for Flash (in particular older YouTube files), then you would receive the "Not Available" message because your "device" doesn't support Flash (in this case, the Dolphin Browser in the Android Emulator on Playbook.)

    Hope this helps. Many folks don't realize that lots of older and much of the commercial content on YouTube is still Flash-only and not available in HTML5 or H.264.
    07-18-12 02:19 PM
  3. angkorbeer's Avatar
    Thanks for the explanation. It does help.
    07-18-12 02:31 PM