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    Today I wrote an email to Medscape, they should port it over their android version to the playbook for a free playbook and a ton of new users. Here is their address if anyone else is interested. I have also printed a copy of my email and some links, feel free to use it as a template for other requests.


    To Medscape,

    Blackberry Playbook users have been growing quite quickly lately and there are quite a few people I know that would like to see medscape app for it. As you may know, a significant OS uprgrade is coming to the Playbook this month which includes an android player. I have seen the android player and the apps run smooth as butter. There is several minutes worth of work to port many existing android apps over. I wanted you to know that there is a free Playbook offer for developers who submit their apps before Feb 13th. You will have an easy extension of your user base, with very minimal effort + a free playbook. We are a small but very quickly growing userbase.

    Thank you,


    BlackBerry - Free BlackBerry PlayBook - Create an App & Submit to Earn a Free Tablet

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    02-03-12 11:21 PM
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    PlayUp - @PlayUpUSA
    SportsMate - @SportsMate

    Free Android Apps, but it seems to hard for developers to port themselves!?!

    Australia loves AFL - We need some AFL Apps.
    02-03-12 11:33 PM