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    I know there's already a few threads about dead space but I came across this review on my daily browsing and thought I would share.

    In space, can you hear enjoyment? Dead Space PlayBook APP review
    Finally finally finally. We have another big name game for the playbook. Making the grand total for full awesome games ............2 ! Both from developer EA games. Need for Speed which was pre-loaded AND FREE at launch, and now Dead Space. I'm super excited about this. With the Native SDK almost out to all developers I think this is great example of what this tablet and do.*

    Graphics: wow! The 3D graphics of the game render so smoothly. Everything looks awesome. Its fast. No hiccups what so ever. Dead space for PlayBook looks as good as it would on an IPad.

    Gameplay : Now I was worried that the controls wouldn't be up to par. As a console gamer first and a tablet or mobile gamer second, I know just how hard it is to make the controls translate to a touch screen device. That being said EA did a fantastic job. The controls are easy to use and perfectly laid out and elegant.

    Enjoyability: I really enjoy the dead space series, and this game is no exception. You get a first/third person adventure/shooter/horror fast paced game with an excellent story behind it. And man it made me scream like a little girl a couple of times. I guess I shouldn't have played it alone in my house at 2am in the dark. But at the same time that made the experience that much better. Its bloody, violent and everything you would except from Dead Space.

    To sum it all up this is just what the playbook needed to show people its capabilities. I really looking forward to more games of this caliber for the playbook. The price is 9.99 the same as it ipad counterpart. Even though I wish the price was a bit lower, the game is well worth the cost. If you haven't picked it up from APP World already, I truly suggest that you do so right now .

    -Mr. Infotainment-

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    08-23-11 08:16 AM