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    Hey everyone,

    First off let me say that I'm working with an Android application I am developing to ensure that it will be ready for the PlayBook as a converted app (don't worry, if you ever end up using it it's simple and intelligently designed, so no using the gray back bar. ), and I am using DDPB for sideloading the app onto the PlayBook as I update it, as it works much better than using Debug Tokens with the BlackBerry Android Runtime Plugin for Eclipse.

    I just formatted my computer (all of my dev files i.e. the app itself and keystore files are on a flash drive), installing the Windows 8 Release Preview. The problem is that even though I have .NET Framework 4, when I try to install DDPB it asks for .NET Framework 2.

    Does anyone know how I can get this working? Thanks in advance.
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    06-16-12 01:24 AM
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    Nevermind, resolved. If anyone else would like to know how, go to Control Panel, then Programs, then Turn Windows Features on or off, then check the box that says ".NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)", hit OK, it will load some files, then when the option comes up pick Download Files from Windows Update, it will do so, then when it's done click Close and feel free to install DDPB.
    06-16-12 02:01 AM
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    Thanks for posting your solution for those who may run into this issue.
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    06-16-12 09:39 AM
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    No problem!
    06-16-12 11:36 AM
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    Thank you! Just ran into this problem.
    10-31-12 07:42 PM
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    I found no checkbox of .NET Framework...It is not in Add/Remove Windows Component.... Where is that??
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    11-18-12 03:57 AM
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    I'm on windows 8 and this is what I have installed - .net 3.5 and .net 4.5, I don't have .net 2 as the 3.5 covers it.
    DDPB asking for .NET framework 2, already have 4 (Windows 8)-dot-net-windows-8.png

    EDIT: Appears it is bundled in windows now, so search for 'windows features' and you'll get the link. It is no longer in add/remove components.
    11-18-12 05:51 AM
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    Helpfull info!
    03-26-13 07:00 PM
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    Great , Worked like charm !!
    04-27-13 08:20 AM
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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO u ruined everything
    09-13-13 09:39 PM