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    Hi all,

    Just got my PB earlier today, and am lovin it thus far. One thing I was hoping I'd be able to do is my crosswords online (I do the LA Times, Chicago Sun Times, USA Today, Indy Star & NY Times). What I was really impressed with is that I was fully capable of doing them in the browser, at least for the LA Times (since every one of them aside from NY Times uses the same software, I assume the rest will work).

    My question is, the NY Times crosswords have to be played in only 2 formats - by downloading a program called Across Lite (only available for Windows and Mac machines) or you can download the pdf.

    Well, I was wondering if there were any programs that would allow me to open the pdf manipulate it by, by using a stylus, writing on it like a typical crossword.

    I love CB and I know someone out there can help...

    08-05-11 12:03 AM
  2. Spaceheater's Avatar
    Not sure about the PDF stuff, but we need a good crossword app! I play daily crossword on my 8530. It would be nice to have that on PlayBook! Let's both shoot them an email!
    08-05-11 12:12 AM
  3. Mojoski's Avatar
    I don't know of a Playbook PDF reader that will let you annotate on the PDF contents, which is what I think you'd need. I have seen lots of people say they need this feature added to the Playbook Adobe Reader, but I have seen no news about it getting added anytime soon. Sorry...
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    08-05-11 06:46 AM