1. mphillips828's Avatar
    Hey this may have been discussed elsewhere, but I heard a while back that Crackberry Kevin was looking for someone to develop an Official Crackberry PlayBook App...where is this App? Has anything been happening with this? Or will we have to wait until Cascades is released to get this amazing app?!
    04-21-12 10:40 PM
  2. jafobabe's Avatar
    Its in AppWorld for Free..
    04-21-12 10:43 PM
  3. mphillips828's Avatar
    I don't think so...the CB App that is there is good and all but I remember reading a post by I believe Kevin, and he was saying that they are going to release the greatest PB app ever, with the best of everything...I am pretty sure this was said after the CB App was already out
    04-21-12 11:00 PM
  4. jafobabe's Avatar
    04-21-12 11:24 PM
  5. sfmccallie's Avatar
    Hey Jafobabe, when I go to the link listed above it takes me to Appworld, but states the app is not compatible with my device, which is the playbook. Are you sure this is for the playbook?
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    04-21-12 11:58 PM
  6. jafobabe's Avatar
    Oh Shoot! I must have been asleep at the wheel....
    Sorry my bad...

    The new CB App is still in the works for the PB.... But the new one can be downloaded for your BB's.

    Sorry OP!

    I was jumping around on the different forums and wasn't paying attention..
    04-22-12 12:02 AM
  7. prebetsabu's Avatar
    04-22-12 12:23 AM
  8. mphillips828's Avatar
    Ahhhh sooo the one for the playbook is still being worked on then? hope it's out soon
    04-22-12 12:38 AM
  9. bldshd's Avatar
    We want a new & improved CrackBerry PlayBook app! -please
    04-22-12 02:17 AM
  10. Darlaten's Avatar
    All I know is a Crackberry app would have some stiff competition as the apps for OSBB and N4BB are very sweet.
    04-22-12 09:41 AM
  11. Hobbes2099's Avatar
    Weird, I can't seem to download the CB App;
    No download button and a note that says: "This item is not supported by your current device profile"

    What profile would that be?
    04-22-12 10:30 AM
  12. kbz1960's Avatar
    I like the full Web crackberry it works the same as on my laptop.
    04-22-12 10:37 AM