1. mappau-dev's Avatar
    Here are the Release Notes:

    Update Price: for free
    Version Number: 2.0.6

    - added Swipe-Down Menu
    - added 4 new Themes
    - calibration at start only performed, when needed
    - Compass now shows correct values when starting the Application holding the device upside down
    - fixed typo in calibration screen
    - several bug fixes

    Full Text from AppWorld:
    This is the first magnetic compass written natively for the BlackBerry PlayBook. It does not use GPS (no movement necessary to get a correct direction), instead the Magnetometer is used.

    Try it!

    - Real magnetic compass (no GPS and/or movement needed)
    - 5 different stunning Themes
    - Swipe-Down to change Themes or manually calibrate
    - Remembers selected Theme at Application start
    - Automatic recalibration after three days of not calibrating to ensure correct values

    ATTENTION: Keep the PlayBook out of range of any metallic object, as this can interfere with the compass! Compass may not work properly if any case or mini-keyboard is attached to the PlayBook!

    06-27-12 01:03 AM
  2. kozmo68's Avatar
    Thanks, I'll give it a try. Cheers!
    06-27-12 07:02 AM