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    Hey Guys

    So I am putting the final touches on a free game I have developed for Playbook and other platforms and wanted to get some community input from the crackberry forums. This is a free game that will remain free for the community. Its my first attempt at creating a game and I am really excited to get it our there.

    This is what I need from you guys:

    I need words that describe your LOVE or HATE relationship for the font Comic Sans. Be creative, have fun and see your words in the final release of the game.

    I will keep you updated on this post when the game finally comes out. Should be submitting approval in the next couple of days

    By the way here is an exclusive sneak peak: 60fps, fun swiping typography game play!
    Note that the score text is not in the final version, this is a developer screenshot testing on OS2

    Cheers Guys

    Mitch Ellis
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    10-20-11 09:37 PM