1. aryan77's Avatar
    i just downloaded an app called comfytel from app world which looks to be some sort of sip client, i tried calling using that and it does work though i am not sure entirely what it does....if anybody else is using this please let me know what you guys think.. when i tried a call i got a callback to my bridged mobile which was a nice feature. oh and during this time my pb was tethered to my 9780. i think this is the first app of this kind so ppl give it a try and please let us know your feedback.
    06-11-11 03:01 AM
  2. jessi449's Avatar
    I tried making calls with this and couldnt get it to work.
    06-12-11 09:11 PM
  3. aryan77's Avatar
    well i guess you need to load it with some money once you activate your account. Moreover when you verify your mobile no then you are credited 1 $. so try it with that.
    06-13-11 08:22 AM
  4. trsbbs's Avatar
    Tried it. Deleted it.
    06-13-11 09:11 AM