02-17-12 12:04 PM
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  1. sjc1963's Avatar
    Isn't this app free on Android?
    02-08-12 07:56 AM
  2. Roscopcoletrain's Avatar
    if you read the terms & conditions for the Free Playbook offer, weblinks arent eligible

    However, the following categories of applications are specifically excluded from eligibility for the Offer:

    (a) Web launchers or shortcuts;

    (b) Web browsers; and

    (c) Applications that provide a simple, single function, such as playing noise or displaying a graphic.
    BlackBerry - PlayBook Offer Terms and Conditions
    02-08-12 08:27 AM
  3. kbz1960's Avatar
    Oh come don't we need apps that make opening a web page easier Just because apple needs those since they are crippled for internet without them doesn't mean we need the crap.
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    02-08-12 08:42 AM
  4. A7omic's Avatar
    What...you guys don't like my app??? I worked for hours and hours and hours on that.

    You should see the pages and pages of test cases I developed.

    Yeash tough crowd
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    02-08-12 08:54 AM
  5. kbz1960's Avatar
    i thought i saw some criteria on a link i followed. might have been on @asaunders twitter. basically to qualify for the offer, it cant be a web link or an app whose sole purpose is to play a sound or display a graphic (aka fart apps)
    Here is my webapp.

    Free pb for me???????
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    02-08-12 09:13 AM
  6. jtegen's Avatar
    The support email is support@scrapps.tk. TK domain suffix is a territory of New Zealand. According to their blog, RIM delayed its release for about a month. He has tried the same thing with Amazon and eBay, but were denied. Wonder how many he sales of this?
    02-08-12 09:26 AM
  7. kill_9's Avatar
    To the OP:

    Send a well-written, thoughtful email to Alec Saunders, head of developer relations, stating your valid concerns.
    02-08-12 09:31 AM
  8. rickgainsmith's Avatar
    MapSearch For Google? $2.99 for access to Google Maps.

    You could release an 'app' for any website.

    Just for fun...OP submit a Skype App that takes people to Skypes website. Lol...
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    02-08-12 02:28 PM
  9. TheStoof's Avatar
    The problem is that they are charging for already-free services.

    They are taking advantage of people's needs.

    I just submitted an application that I was designing for the Android. I worked hard yesterday to finish the 1.0 version, so I could get the Playbook, but the Playbook will be for my brother, who will then in-turn, buy apps on the PB.
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    02-08-12 02:39 PM
  10. mister_turtle's Avatar
    Here's a link that lists the apps under this developer.

    SCrApps - BlackBerry App World

    edit - I'm pretty sure this developer also is on CB.
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    02-08-12 04:29 PM
  11. MunsieGames's Avatar
    Wow! They have 125 Playbook apps! Have to give them credit for being....busy.
    02-08-12 04:40 PM
  12. Ben1232's Avatar
    People buy $500 BB clock apps from app world .......this is a bargain to them !
    02-08-12 05:36 PM
  13. byul's Avatar
    haha no i guess only kevin bought the bb clock app?
    02-08-12 05:37 PM
  14. BBplaybookJS's Avatar
    Is this really suprising, this is what made iPads reputation, this is what everyone complained the Playbook lacked, well now were getting our share of these essential apps. And meanwhile many new Playbook users will never find some of the excellent apps developers have worked long and hard to create for Playbook because they have to sift through all the drivel
    02-08-12 06:11 PM
  15. ubermanx's Avatar
    Here's a link that lists the apps under this developer.

    SCrApps - BlackBerry App World

    edit - I'm pretty sure this developer also is on CB.
    Can we stop calling this buttsicle a "developer"? I think it just encourages them to make more junk apps.
    02-08-12 06:48 PM
  16. omniusovermind's Avatar
    This isn't a new practice. There's at least half a dozen UNofficial "Wikipedia " apps on the Android market.

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    02-08-12 07:02 PM
  17. NinjaBread's Avatar
    Can we stop calling this buttsicle a "developer"? I think it just encourages them to make more junk apps.
    Buttsicle...that'd make them a frozen DingleBerry right?
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    02-08-12 07:14 PM
  18. MunsieGames's Avatar
    Buttsicle...that'd make them a frozen DingleBerry right?
    ok... that was too funny.. lol...
    02-09-12 05:00 AM
  19. kemj's Avatar
    If I ever join the Dev community, all of my apps will be free of charge, even if it's Gran Turismo 5 or Forza MotorSport 4 hehe I'm aware of how des gens deviens quand they find a great app for free.
    02-09-12 01:11 PM
  20. homer1475's Avatar
    Buttsicle...that'd make them a frozen DingleBerry right?
    Wow, that made my day, thanks for the great laugh.
    02-09-12 06:31 PM
  21. xoenik's Avatar
    Why not just have something like new and noteworthy? A section that shows new apps with potential, and a separate for the latest submitted apps
    02-09-12 07:52 PM
  22. Alex_Hong's Avatar
    i was disappointed to see such apps appear in appworld to be frank. and it's insulting to those real developers. 1.99 for a shortcut link on your homescreen with a wiki logo. where as you could just create a bookmark of wiki on your homescreen using browser for FREE... WTF?
    02-09-12 07:58 PM
  23. KermEd's Avatar

    I've punched out 4 quality - free apps that are simple but straightforward this week. And 2 have been released already. And I just want to say, the community here hasbeen great in supporting me. I get some dumb reviews, and I wish I could make all my apps free. But I try to remember the good-news stories as well.

    Anyway, a ton of apps are coming down the pipe for people. Just remember to read reviews and watch out for devs like this!!!
    02-10-12 11:40 PM
  24. Adhamalghamdi's Avatar
    I agree with u
    app world is full of these garbage and I think they should make category for these things, seriously I won't pay even 1 cent for a shourtcut !
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    02-11-12 02:56 AM
  25. BBplaybookJS's Avatar
    Again I think its all about pading the numbers at this point, and its getting more difficult to sift through and find the real quality apps out there. Thats why sites like this one are so valuable
    02-11-12 07:57 AM
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