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    I downloaded it and like it, thought I'd pass it along. It requires OS 2.0 or higher.


    Here's a snippet of the description by the vendor:

    "Clipray.net is an easy to use internet clipboard service which allows text to be transferred between different devices, including computers.

    Clipray.net can also be used as a text-only notepad. Anything you put into the clipboard will be saved on your device when you leave the app. However, you must manually save your clipboard with the Save button for it to be saved on Clipray.net.

    Your clipboard name determines the location on Clipray.net that you access to see your clipboard. For example, if your clipboard name is Jehosaphat, then you would go to http://clipray.net/Jehosaphat to access it from any web browser. No changes are made to the clipboard stored on your device until you touch the 'go' button..."
    02-03-12 12:35 PM