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    we are proud to announce our new chromatic tuner application. It will
    reach BlackBerry AppWorld today, Friday.
    Here are some information about it:

    Tune your Instruments!

    Chromatic Tuner for BlackBerry PlayBook analyzes the sound using the
    build-in microphones and detects the note you are playing.

    Whether it is a guitar, violin, trombone or any other instrument, just
    play the note you want to tune and Chromatic Tuner will show you if
    and how much it differs from the correct pitch. This app makes
    instrument tuning a quick and easy task and supersedes conventional
    standalone tuners, which cost ten times more. The accuracy of 0.1 Hz
    will even satisfy professional needs. The reference frequency for A4
    can be reset to any value and enables other tunings besides the
    standard with 440Hz. The tunable range goes from E0 (20.60 Hz) to B6
    (1975.53 Hz).

    ✔ Real Chromatic Tuner (Automatic note detection)
    ✔ Quick and Easy Tuning
    ✔ Accuracy of 0.1 Hz
    ✔ Reference Frequency changeable
    ✔ Detection Range from 20 Hz to 2000 Hz
    ✔ CD-Quality sound analysis (44.1 kHz) with 10 results per second
    ✔ Native BlackBerry PlayBook App without Ads

    Get it for 1.99 $ at BlackBerry AppWorld:
    Buy Chromatic Tuner - Download Chromatic Tuner - Buy Apps from BlackBerry App World

    Feel free to provide us some feedback !
    08-06-12 06:12 AM