1. hanexs's Avatar
    Hi, I am testing out some android apps, and liking it

    Just had a thought, the Charlie Brown christmas app is going viral right now. IPadders walking around like its the best thing on slice bread, android users less so. But I was just thinking this MIGHT work on the playbook player and if so it would be a great showoff app.

    If any one could get it converted or post the apk thatd be awesome I am going to try converting some Dr. Seuss books, if they work Ill post em on the bitly site.
    11-27-11 07:27 PM
  2. claffeeba's Avatar
    Any luck with converting this app for playbook? my son just played on his uncle's ipad and would love to see this even as converted android app.
    12-26-11 04:43 PM