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    good day to everyone! i recently downloaded the game miner diary. after playing a few levels i decided to quit the game. i then opened my documents using one of the available file managers, and found new 11 items which were .xml files all from the miner diary. i created a new folder for these files (cut and paste) so they would not mix with my other documents. One time i played miner diary again, but the game was back to start, and on checking of my documents, another set of xml files appeared. i tried to leave them as such and played miner diary on the succeeding days and the game progression was saved. i checked again my documents and these 11 items remained and the dates were just updated. if these files were all related to the saved game progression, is there a way to change the file location (in settings?) where the game progression is saved ( like on a new subfolder and not on the general documents folder) since the files i initially put on the subfolder i mentioned earlier was not recognized? Thanks...
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    It looks like the developer has decided to store persistent data in the shared folder instead of in the application data folder (which is typically used for this purpose). I personally would not have done it this way but the dev may have good reasons for doing so.

    You cannot change the location the data unless the developer has provided you with a mechanism to do so. Does the app have a settings page that might provide this functionality? If not, I suggest that you contact the developer via the support email address and ask what's up. The dev would probably like to hear from you via this channel rather that you leaving a review asking for information.
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