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    I'm really waiting for Caustic 2 for the PB.
    The developer is still busy with the native PB version, I just received his reply:

    Hi, I can't give you a date of when it will be on App World, as I have no idea when I'll get time to finish it, nor how long it takes for approval once submitted.

    As for the project itself, like I said in the post, there's lots of little videos on youtube from myself and others showing what it can do, and you can look at the user manual on the website as well, but it's basically a small rack-mount sequencer where you put things together to make music. The "PCMSynth" can load SoundFonts (.sf2) which opens up everything from electronic music to classical if you so choose. The app itself comes with a few demo kits, but the main idea is to let people use whatever samples they want (WAV import on almost everything) by copying them onto the device.

    I'll post again on Crackberry once I'm closer to publishing, promise.

    Rej - SingleCellSoftware

    This is really good news!
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    04-05-12 07:58 AM
  2. tedd_jr's Avatar
    Nice, I hope he follows through, i sideloaded the android version and it didn't work. Nice to see a progression of developers giving the playbook a try.
    04-05-12 09:45 AM
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    Waiting very patiently for this one. Really want it on my PB.
    04-05-12 12:11 PM
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    Caustic 2 is an amazing piece of mobile software! For the playbook it will be the best music making software available. Hope Rej doesn't mind me saying that I have an early version he sent me to load and test on the playbook. I am blown away by how well this app works on the playbook. It also runs natively and not in the android player.

    Hang in there guys I am sure Rej will pull through. Great things are coming!
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    04-05-12 01:02 PM