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    Purchased Carcassone over the weekend for the playbook. $3.99 get's you an android port of a great board game, with one expansion pack (River II). Unfortunately no Kings and Baron's expansion is available for the game. It runs well enough to play, but is hardly fast or optimized for the playbook. There are graphical glitches occasionally, where the brick background on the right/top of the interface will flicker, but it doesn't effect gameplay.

    Would make a decent $1-2 game with it's flaws, but at $4, probably worth passing until they actually write a native game for the playbook. If you're not going to put time into writing the app (e.g. port an existing app with practically 0 labor cost), why do you expect me to put time into earning money to buy it at full price?

    EDIT: Apparently the game is $4.99 in the android market. A $1 discount still seems disproportionate to the inconvenience of running the game in a VM, let alone the glitches.
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