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    This problem crops up from time-to-time. Whenever I save a word doc to my Playbook and I later open it in Docs To Go, it defaults to open as "read only". I can edit and draft fine, but when I either save or save as, I get the pop-up that its "read only" and I have to save it as a new doc. Ok so I will. Only when I do I get either "internal error 2" or "error 121045010". So I have to discard and start over. And when I reopen Docs To Go, I get the message that I can try and recover what I had just been unable to save. And it does recover fully, only I can't then save it. This is the song that never ends. And it goes on and on my friend. Some people started singing it not knowing what it was. And they'll go on singing it forever just because. This is the song that never ends. . . . And so on and so forth and infinite loop and goodbye to all that. Help! Please.
    05-10-12 12:49 PM
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    Well not that anyone is riveted by this issue, but I've made my way up a couple of levels of RIM's technical support who were courteous and seemed generally interested in resolving the issue. After some back and forth, it seems as if its an issue between Docs to Go and Microsoft Word 2007. If I try and save a Word 07 doc on my Playbook, I can't and get the errors. If I go back to my pc, save the Word 07 doc back to a Word 03 doc, it can then be saved and edited as usual on the Playbook. So there is at least that awkward work around.
    05-14-12 12:46 PM
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    I'm interested on how you are reporting this bug to RIM. I too have had issues with Docs to Go which I reported a few update ago (on BB community forums, using the Inside BB mail, using Dataviz form... oh and by the way Dataviz discards any responsability from the PB port... nice attitude coming from a subsidiary company of RIM... solid business model they got there). No answers, no nothing...

    Bugzilla and the likes should not be limited to OSS projects. Each and every single company should either adopt it or have an alternative of the kind.

    My posts at BB community forums have not been so pleasent I admit that (the tone may gave been somewhat high on rant) but still the content is true. Originally posted 4 weeks ago, 0 answers. Here it is: Sheets 2 Go issue with predictive texting

    I know for a fact that some info in the forums reaches the right ears: Typos. Shortly after I was contacted via PM by a dev requesting some details I forgot (not fixed yet but at least it made me believe I didn't just waste my time)... Thing is this method is flawed. Either the information doesn't reach who it should or somebody is intentionally ignoring it... I prefer to believe it's the first.

    I'd surely appreciate how to properly submit bug reports (on the BB community forum I've asked this a couple of times at the end of my posts). It surely mustn't be by phone. This would be one of the least inefficient means for such a task...

    PS: Off topic I have also reported an issue that apparently affects each and every Android file manager admitted by RIM to BB App World. 2 weeks, 0 replies: Paste / Move issue in all Android file manager ports
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