1. BravoBBY's Avatar
    Has anyone run into this? Ive tried to reboot and nothing. I was trying to download the new update to tetris and it gave me this error. I tried to delete it and reinstall it with the new software and still got the same result. At this point I cannot install anything.
    05-06-11 04:55 PM
  2. cheetah2k's Avatar
    I'm in exactly the same situation, but with NFS Undercover.

    When I try to download Tetris HD, it just comes up saying that "This Game is not supported by my current profile"...

    I mean WTF this ****?? I even did a Factory Reset, and it didnt fix the issues..... I'm really Fcuked off.
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    05-06-11 06:28 PM
  3. BravoBBY's Avatar
    i got it to work by searching for tetris and installing it through the search. might have just been lucky tho. i couldnt get nfs to work this way. i think the servers are overloaded. mods sorry, please move this to the app forum. im still not used to there be 2 different forums for the playbook.

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    05-06-11 06:31 PM
  4. -jp-'s Avatar
    I can't install any apps either, new apps, updates nothing! Incredibly frustrating.
    02-21-12 12:21 PM