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    I saw another thread on Crackberry and was inspired:

    Is anyone using Kuvva? It's an app you install and they have a new series of wallpaper every week, usually tasteful.
    Kuvva. Visual awesomeness.

    I am just wondering if we could gather enough interest to tempt them into making a Playbook version?
    03-17-12 12:52 PM
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    Dear Blurtixx,

    We we're alerted about this post via Google Alerts and we would like to let you know that our goal is to offer our app on every platform available. However, at the moment we are very busy fine-tuning our desktops apps before we're going to dive into the mobile platforms. It is on our big to-do list but we can't tell you when we'll release it!

    Team Kuvva
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    03-19-12 04:49 AM