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    Hey everyone, hoping you can help me out with my problem here.

    I can send and receive pics fine in BBM, but outside of BBM it wont really work. I can send a pic fine using an MMS, but other than that I cant send one.

    I use crunchSMS so under my firewall options I have disabled MMS and SMS so that they will only come through on crunchSMS. I had a friend try and send me a pic from an iPhone but when it came into the conversation it just looked like a space between messages.

    I thought maybe crunchSMS was a problem so I went into the firewall and enabled SMS and MMS and still nothing!

    I did one time get an icon that sort of looked like a browser window in my msgs but when I clicked on it it just said the senders phone number and then below said "null". When I clicked to open it it gave me an error and wouldnt show me anything.

    Please help me! what do I need to do to be able to recieve pictures! On my old 8330 it made me go to telusmobility.com/snap, this wont even do that, really though I just want them to be able to come up in crunchSMS or just be able to send/recieve them easily on the phone without having to go to any website.

    12-23-11 10:22 AM
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    UPDATE - I dont thnink crunchSMS supports MMS. That still doesnt explain why I cant send or recieve pics though
    12-23-11 10:33 AM