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    hey guys,
    i dont know what happened, i didnt use the playbook for a couple days, went to play with it today using bb bridge, all the bridge apps seem to work but when i go on bb app world it says : "we cannot connect you to Blackberry App world. Please ensure that your device is connected to the wireless network and try again."

    so, if the bridge browser works, and the regular browser works, then i have internet access... so why cant i get on app world.

    i even tried using the tethering feature and still no app world, but the rest of the apps seem to be working.

    i came home, turned off bridge and tethering and turned on wifi..connects no problem.

    any ideas??

    and my bb torch is with rogers...if that makes a difference?
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    You can only use the App World that is on the PB... not through bridge.

    Welcome to the forums!

    Check out the Newbie Tips and Tricks for the Playbook, by clicking below my signature..
    It was compiled by the knowledgeable posters from this forum.

    Also check out the vids in the Blackberry Playbook 101.

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    Yep, App World on the PlayBook only works on wifi. Bridge is not wifi, nor is tethering. They use bluetooth networking. The good news however is that if you have a BB phone with OS 7.1 you can use the phone's Mobile Hotspot, connect your PB wifi through that and use App World on the PB. A good reason to upgrade.
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    thanks for the info guys.
    im not new to blackberry, i still have my blue blackberry with black and white screen and the side track wheel, i think it was one of the first with a back lit keyboard

    i could have sworn i used app world on the tethering... guess not. thanks for the info guys.
    i will be upgrading my handset, just waiting for the next design to be released...my torch works (with the exception of sluggish 3g browser getting on my nerves, i think rogers slowed down the 3g, because me and a few of my friends all noticed a big speed drop a couple months ago... all at the same time.)

    i dont think i could get through a day without my blackberry... all the notifications i have in it to tell me what i need to do every day... what did people do before smart phones? lol
    01-28-12 07:37 PM
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    <snip>... what did people do before smart phones? lol
    Or what did we all do before the 3M sticky note pads?? LOL
    01-28-12 07:41 PM
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    Or what did we all do before the 3M sticky note pads?? LOL
    i invented the glue on the post-it

    ugh...i just realized what movie that is from...and that is admitting ive seen it...but if you catch it, i guess youve seen it too. lol
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