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    Hi guys,

    Long time crackberry reader, first time poster. I got my Playbook earlier this week and I know and accept that it's not perfect yet. There are a few apps that I am waiting for which I have heard are "on their way" such as Kindle and the Citrix receiver so I can access my work computer from home. That's fine, I'm willing to wait.
    I was wondering if anyone had heard about the following apps, as a search on Google or contacting companies have not found any answers.

    The first one is something like the password keeper that my Pearl 9105 has on OS6? I really need something to remember what my passwords are for Ebay, ASDA, etc. Some sites keep me logged, which is great, but I sign out of ones like Paypal and internet banking for security purposes. I know I can still look at the passwords on my phone, but I'm taking Playbook on holiday with me without Pearl and wanted to be able to have all my saved passwords with me. Any apps that you know about?

    The second app I was wondering if anyone had heard about was for Big Fish Games. I know they have an Ipad app but I have sent them 5 emails in the past few weeks asking if they are releasing anything for Playbook. I have downloaded a ton of their games to my computer and would love to be able to play them on the Playbook. Even if I had to buy/download new games I'd still do it as it is useful for my job (am a special needs teacher and the problem solving games are great to play with the kids).

    If anyone knows anything about these apps, or can suggest alternatives, I'd really appreciate it. I love Crackberry, keep up the good work!
    06-26-11 04:01 AM
  2. kill_9's Avatar
    Have you checked the BlackBerry AppWorld? I found ThumbPass - Password Manager and PasswordsEtc. Both are CAD0.99 but the latter includes a free trial and looks to be more in-line with your requirements ala Password Keeper on the BlackBerry Pearl 9150.
    06-26-11 06:02 AM