1. ssvirk's Avatar
    I don't know anything about developing apps, but from my reading of Netflix Developers website, they actually want people to develop their own apps and submit it to Netflix for approval?

    Netflix API - Welcome to the Netflix Developer Network

    If so, any developers out there willing to take this one?
    11-29-11 11:34 PM
  2. esqlaw's Avatar
    If so, someone probably will. They can easily charge money for it.
    11-29-11 11:36 PM
  3. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    Third Party Applications
    May use the Netflix brand and logo, but not in ways that make customers think that we built, endorse, or sponsor them. Please read more on our Branding Requirements and import approved assets from the Naming and Logo Guidelines if you'd like to use our brand.

    May not play Netflix movies inline, but may launch our stand-alone player when a member hits the Play button. (Not available for Mobile applications.)

    Don't require the Netflix Certification process.

    Must adhere to our API Terms of Service.

    Can be submitted to our Applications Gallery, and may be featured for ten million customers if they meet our guidelines.

    What does the bold red part mean? Looks like for mobile devices, they will only allow queue managers. I guess it make sense that they would keep the streaming movies close to chest.
    11-29-11 11:49 PM
  4. taylortbb's Avatar
    There's queue managers which are open and don't require certification. Separately there are playback programs (what people really want) which do require Netflix Certification. The problem with the playback apps is that RIM doesn't currently give developers any way to access the required DRM technologies.

    I wouldn't worry about it though. Pulling apart the OS 2.0 beta had revealed that RIM appears to be working on a Netflix playback app. I'm pretty sure it'll be available with OS 2.0. Other threads on here have mentioned this.
    11-30-11 12:10 AM