1. ceroberts75's Avatar
    i have not recieved my playbook yet, but after the hour or so i was on it, do not recall there being any calendar on it, unless you are connected to your blackberry.

    any applications that anyone knows of that will allow for a standalone, sycable application for calendar?
    04-22-11 03:55 PM
  2. rm2092's Avatar
    Not yet but I hope so ???
    04-22-11 03:58 PM
  3. IIJBII's Avatar
    Nothing yet. Hopefully soon.
    04-22-11 04:01 PM
  4. Mischief433's Avatar
    google has a calendar sync program that runs locally on your computer and syncs it with a gmail account with 2 way sync.... u still have to use gmail but at least it'll keep things sync'd
    04-23-11 05:17 PM