1. itwascasper's Avatar
    I was just going through the pre loaded calculator app on my PlayBook and it truly is great. Everything works well and I like all the features, but there could be another added. I think RIM should also incorporate a financial calculator to go along with the standard and scientific versions. Being that this is a business tablet I think this can be useful for many business users. For me, I know it would be a great help as I am a business student and find myself needing to use functions like pv, fv, npv and others on a financial calculator. And while I know there are other apps that serve this function, as well as the formula functions in sheet to go, I think this would help make the pre loaded calculator complete.
    05-11-12 09:12 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    They should also add Hexidecimal conversions.
    05-11-12 03:40 PM
  3. ajaxme's Avatar
    I think a calculator with financial functions only pays you find.
    05-11-12 06:14 PM
  4. anthogag's Avatar
    They should get Texas Instruments to make a calculator app for the playbook
    05-11-12 06:37 PM
  5. jcbrunson's Avatar
    I use the unit converter all the time. Very useful. What happened to the units in converting temperatures, though? For some reason we get the "" symbol. Add that to the list of fixes in the next OS release, RIM.
    05-12-12 07:15 AM
  6. kdna's Avatar
    Unit converter on the native Calculator is sweet.
    05-12-12 11:48 AM
  7. Justthecrack's Avatar
    You can perform those simple functions using the scientific calculator ya know? If it involves something with a far outlook or odd cash flows, you should probably just spend $30 on the real thing.
    05-13-12 02:42 AM
  8. glamrlama's Avatar
    The functions you request are built into the spreadsheet in docs to go as you mention and I think these are easier to use than any calculator.
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    05-13-12 08:08 AM