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    I thought I'd post in this forum since it tends to be the most active with devs on CrackBerry.

    To any devs out there: In your experience does a dedicated GPU make a different in speed when developing (coding, compiling, simulating)? I know that a dedicated GPU makes a big difference when playing games, but would you notice any significant difference when coding and testing? Has anybody coded on both a machine with a dedicated GPU and one with an integrated GPU and have you noticed any significant performance differences?

    05-04-12 03:21 PM
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    Coding and compiling is more dependent on memory and cpu than gpu You can never go wrong with faster memory and more of it. Simulation may be faster with a dedicated gpu but it's a moot point because your product will be running on a PlayBook, not your PC. You will need to do most of your testing on the actual device to get an accurate indication of the performance that your users will experience.
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    05-04-12 04:06 PM
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    I wouldn't bother using the simulator. (In fact, I have NEVER used the simulator.) I think you really want to know how your app behaves on the real device. Because that's what the user will experience.

    So assuming that you test on an actual device, then the GPU is not that important. But a faster CPU will speed up compilation. This is very useful because you'll be compiling over and over again, hundreds of times per session.
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    05-04-12 04:08 PM
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    The GPU won't make a difference, per se, but remember that the integrated graphics generally take part of your RAM. So buy plenty of RAM.

    SSD's really help with compile time.
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    05-04-12 04:36 PM
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    Thanks for all the responses!
    05-04-12 04:52 PM
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    I would look into buying a Lenovo Thinkpad T series laptop. It a workhorse and has works great for developing apps, websites, and other stuff.

    This laptop is popular for developers and business people alike.

    Thinkpad T Series Laptop

    05-04-12 05:21 PM
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    Unless you are compiling huge libraries, even a fairly light laptop will work. I had an old Dell Latitude XT2 (1.4 Ghz dual core ULV, integrated graphics, 3GB RAM, Win7) with me at DevCon Europe running FlashBuilder and Momentics simultaneously. Worked fairly well. I wouldn't try to rebuild the entire Qt libs on it though ;-)

    As noted above, an integrated graphics adapter will use part of your RAM, leaving less for the OS and applications. That's the main drawback.

    Use Win7 64-bit. More memory = good.
    05-04-12 06:28 PM
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    Anything above a netbook will do unless ur going to do adobe flash/cascades stuff... Once again testing is best done on device and i would also recommend getting a thinkpad (not edge)
    05-04-12 10:47 PM