1. glamrlama's Avatar
    Hi CB.com: Today's offerings on App World reminded me that I wanted to post a message about app world. This is the first time since the OS2.0 launch that app world was overwhelmed by ebooks. This was very common prior to the launch of OS2 so kudos to RIM for getting some control over this. (I love George as much as the next guy.) With app world getting larger we need CB.com help more than ever in finding the good apps and games. The searching and sorting on app world isnt great so i Was wondering if CB.com could come up with a way to do more shorter reviews of more apps to let us know what is out there.
    03-26-12 06:15 PM
  2. Gatmyer's Avatar
    They did there is a whole forum devoted to new apps
    03-26-12 06:18 PM