1. prebetsabu's Avatar
    im wondering what biz apps that u guys installed?

    everywhere i go ppl keep saying they use their pb for work n business but mind share with me any apps that really focus for business?

    ive been using my pb as my organiser.. jog down notes while meeting, search internet n bridge for bb emails..

    i could use any info from u guys that is "business" related apps that i might overlook so that i could maximise my investment buying this device.. but overall im still loving it for what i does..
    06-08-11 03:24 AM
  2. Schlymer's Avatar
    The browser is the bread and butter of the playbook for me. I use it for trading currency and it works faster than my laptop, both in navigation and browser speed. I use a high speed pocket wifi and I can trade anywhere anytime. Real time streaming flash charts and a few other apps open as well as my trading account and it never breaks a sweat. The other app you may want to download is aVNC, so you can connect to your home computer and use what ever productivity app you need as if you were sitting in front of it. Good luck.
    06-08-11 07:28 AM
  3. Vidge's Avatar
    I use the Docs to Go apps a lot, more than I ever expected I would. I also frequently use the Adobe reader.

    I've been following with interest the use of the PlayBook by professors here. I'm joining the faculty of a local university in the fall and I'm looking forward to using my PB for lectures, Power Point, etc.
    06-08-11 07:43 AM
  4. prebetsabu's Avatar
    thanks guys for the heads up!

    yup now i use d word to go n excell (love it compare to the cramp version in bb) d excell aka sheet to go really handy especially i do my simulation n monthly budget in d sheet

    never use d powerpoint yet for presentation as most of our projectors and client's projector doesnt hv any hd input

    as for vnc, actually ive got all of my remote site's pc connectef thru logmein, n pb browser do support the logmein website! really nice n handy, but i really need a bt keyboard n mouse for easy navigation at d remote pc

    do share with me ur experience with this tablet to make ur everyday task especially business related
    06-08-11 12:11 PM
  5. prebetsabu's Avatar
    additional, me n my wife are bloggers, but unfortunately pb browser is not fully compatible with blogspot page especially when we try to compose a blog entry.. in d editor theres no scroll bars and when we insert a pic, the editor would become hard to navigate to type the entry post.. hope itll be improved soon.
    06-08-11 12:14 PM