1. chaddeus's Avatar
    Anyone playing the Bullet Time HD? I am stuck with Chapter 2 where you are fighting with a Mutant Champion Wasp. I been running around this enclosed area for almost 20 minutes now but somehow it will not die.

    My weapon is a flame thrower but I dont know why but it just never end. Any idea?

    - Charles
    05-23-12 01:04 PM
  2. Boa2674's Avatar
    Ummmm did you post in the wrong forum or is this game coming out soon? Itunes shows it and it looks good but I can't find it on appworld.
    05-23-12 05:04 PM
  3. xsacha's Avatar
    It does eventually end. Just wait for all the mobs to come out. They come out slowly.
    05-23-12 05:27 PM