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    Having just downloaded the new OS and run through the new native messages app I was impressed. Pinch to zoom not only zooms the page but rearranges the text layout to fit the screen, no horizontal scrolling.

    So the question has to be asked, why doesn;t the Bridge app work the same way? I was trying desperately to stop a colleague getting an iPad as it will cause no end of issues at work (high level of security required). I thought the email app would solve it but he needs to Bridge to his BB as the security level is embedded on the smartphone so the PB follows the security policy.

    People need accessibility on mobile devices, why go half way? Come on RIM let's get some consistency going here!

    The ability to see Bridge email, calendar and contacts in the native apps would be great too.

    Not moaning about OS2.0, much quicker with some good new additions
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    02-21-12 12:56 PM