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    box the app-
    It works great. I have been using it as a help for my business estimates and invoicing. Very simple and convenient just what I needed to help me make my PlayBook function like I wanted it to. Docs to Go works great to for the simple things I do too. I bought this little device (the Playbook) to assist me and it has taken some time to get things right - I am not a youngster with lots of tech savy but I finally am getting er done. I have gotten some compliments regarding my emailed estimates about how nicely done they were- so I want to give "box" and "Docs to Go" thumbs up. I don't need games or lots of apps to mess around with to be happy, just functional ones that help me do what I need to do. I use the heck out out of my PlayBook everyday. CrackBerry makes the PlayBook more functional by the way. I have learned so much reading the posts here. Thanks!
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    04-11-12 09:59 PM
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    yes i love box, i use my wifes box all the time, lmao

    all joking aside

    box.com is awesome i have one set up with my mom and sister for our photography. we each have a folder to upload pics and comment on them, right now my mom is adding assignments and an email tells us when anything is uploaded.
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    04-11-12 10:36 PM
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    more storage options including box review
    04-11-12 10:37 PM