1. goodtastingsteak's Avatar
    I'm assuming this can just be a one-response thread, but I was just wondering:

    Is there a way to have BlueBox download and sync every time something in my DropBox is updated similar to the way it works on computers? It seems that anytime I want to access something from my DropBox via BlueBox, I have to first download it. Or is there an option that I don't have checked?
    12-07-11 01:20 AM
  2. wms3's Avatar
    Not that I can find!
    12-07-11 07:48 AM
  3. chrism_scotland's Avatar
    Its one thing that I don't like about the Playbook OS/QNX is that unlike say Android you can't have Apps running the background, you need to have it opened to have it running, I'd prefer to be able to have some Apps running almost invisibly in the background.
    12-07-11 08:36 AM