1. addie_hng's Avatar
    Anyone out there knows of a bloomberg app in hte making for the playbook? It would seriously kick ***. It should be on RIM's top few partner list considering it is secure and fast and everything related to the financial industry.

    I really like the bloomberg app on the blackberry as compared to the ones on the iphone. Much faster and are able to keep currencies in my watchlist.
    04-17-11 12:23 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Moved to PB Apps & Games. I'll let you know tomorrow or tuesday if I find one in App World, when I get my PB.
    04-17-11 12:32 PM
  3. addie_hng's Avatar
    Appreciate it. Thanks
    04-17-11 12:35 PM
  4. jasperlin's Avatar
    agreed. i need this, but i need something beyond just what the normal app is offering. i want more features
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    04-17-11 12:40 PM
  5. ekormos's Avatar
    one of my most used apps on my bb... i'm sure there will be something for playbook eventually
    04-17-11 12:49 PM
  6. bengyeow's Avatar
    hoping that Bloomberg works on something for it, an essential tool for me... I am using my Playbook more and more...
    06-08-11 03:02 AM
  7. yzf.shaun's Avatar
    Yes this is one I am looking forward to getting. It will be nice if it has support for tv / radio. Although I cant view tv through the web browser. The dam ads seem to load fine though.
    06-08-11 03:06 AM
  8. Dapper37's Avatar
    A news release by RIM a few months back stated that RIM contracted the company that made the Bloomberg app for BB's for 100+ app's for PB. fingers crossed!
    06-08-11 10:23 AM
  9. prelude_99's Avatar
    I am hoping the "Blue" app will be ported to the PB. It is way better than the bloomberg app and looks amazing on the Torch. It has real time streaming quotes/charts for everything, porfolio/watch list features and so much more. The only thing it is missing is being able to execute trades!
    06-08-11 11:58 AM
  10. manofice1's Avatar
    u know that is funny, today I searched appworld for a bloomberg app, sadly there isn't one
    06-08-11 04:46 PM
  11. ptpete's Avatar
    Bloomberg videos are not playing in the browser anymore. Now we need an app more than ever.
    06-23-11 10:25 AM
  12. spoddar751's Avatar
    just received a reply from bloomberg support regarding videos not working on pb. their response was that they are working on an app for playbook but don't have the exact release date at the moment. lets hope its soon.
    07-07-11 09:48 AM
  13. Regnillop's Avatar
    good to hear!!!!!!!
    07-07-11 11:34 AM
  14. Curado Kev's Avatar
    That would be awesome - thanks for the update !
    07-10-11 06:35 PM
  15. triggster's Avatar
    I've just been asked by one of our traders for this on the Playbook, so keeping on an eye on progres
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    08-02-11 04:44 AM
  16. macberry33's Avatar
    Hi, I emailed Bloomberg Aug16,2011 inquiring about availability of Bloomberg app for Playbook and here the answer.

    "Thank you for your message. We have several apps in the works, but no release date on a Playbook just yet.


    Mobile Support Team"

    I sent a message to feedback (at) bloomberg.net in case you want to contact them.

    With that answer I would say that there won't be any application anytime soon. If they are really working on it, knowing that they already know how to build one (they have it for BB phones and Ipad) I am sure they can anticipate a release date or a least a month, but they didn't.

    Hopefully I am wrong.

    Editorial: MHO, RIM should be spending money encouraging developers of well known apps or great apps to put their software available for Playbook than in ads trying to sell the tablet. With good and a wide range of software ready to run on Playbook, buyers will start coming without much effort.

    08-18-11 12:11 PM
  17. macberry33's Avatar
    One would think that RIM being oriented to Business Consumers that an app for Bloomberg, the WSJ, the FT would have been available immediately. Those would have been the first apps I downloaded.

    One would think .............. but with the PB .. things are a little skewed right about now.
    You hit the nail on the head. It's a shame that a device sold as a business tablet doesn't have business oriented table apps, just like the ones you mentioned to name a few. RIM launched a business tablet (hardware) with the Blackberry Flavor (BB Bridge), but they forgot about the business apps.

    So far I am not seeing any return on the money invested on this tablet.

    Ipad and Android tablets have more business oriented apps for my needs, although no bridge. However bridge is not that big of a deal. Nice but not that big of a deal.

    Hopefully things change for the good, sooner than later.

    Edit aug 24th, 2011: After the OS update ver v1.0.7.2942, bridge connects apps, including the main browser, to the internet (that didn't happen before). That is a totally different experience and extend the reach of the tablet. Now bridge is getting more interesting.
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    08-18-11 04:20 PM
  18. backstage's Avatar
    i just sent them a lengthy email, will update if i get a response
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    08-24-11 03:34 PM
  19. BigAl_BB9900's Avatar

    Have you heard anything re: Bloomberg releasing an App for the PlayBook

    I still can't get my BB9900 Bloomberg App to 'view on PlayBook'

    Would be great if I could see the graphs/data on a bigger screen

    All help gratefully received

    04-06-12 08:22 AM
  20. Scrybe's Avatar
    The Bloomberg app is here now, you just need to search on App World. It is excellent, with a lot of customization. Note however that it is for existing Bloomberg users only. You need a login to use.
    08-20-12 11:52 PM