1. carmensa16's Avatar
    I just purchased a PB so I'm a little lost. Is there a Blackboard Mobile App for the PB? I'm unable to find it. Thank you
    01-14-13 10:13 PM
  2. DisturbedRocks31's Avatar
    Sideload it! Look this up
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    01-14-13 10:21 PM
  3. sushistew's Avatar
    how-to video here
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    01-14-13 11:51 PM
  4. farskija's Avatar
    Does anyone know if Blackboard has plans for a BB 10 app?
    01-15-13 08:09 PM
  5. neilmann's Avatar
    I converted an Android version that I found and it works. The app will open and allow you to sign into your institution if is available. You cannot use the app if you need to purchase a "Personal License" because the PB cannot connect to Google Play. If you school has purchased an "Institutional License" you should be able do use it. I emailed them to see if they will support BB10/PlayBook. Hopefully the payment system is the only thing that needs to be fixed and they can officially release it for us.

    01-19-13 04:30 PM

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