12-06-11 10:20 AM
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  1. tuffy100's Avatar
    i like this app way better than Blaq
    07-06-11 08:54 PM
  2. tuffy100's Avatar
    Nice app for playbook but please can it be updated to include the ability to upload pictures and videos. Also needs fixing is when trying to view my followers i can only go so far down the list and when i refresh it takes me back to the top of the list! When using search function the number of tweets you can view is also limited.
    im sure these things will come in an update.
    07-06-11 08:55 PM
  3. Duvi's Avatar
    im sure these things will come in an update.
    i hope they do.. uploading media is all that is needed.
    07-06-11 10:36 PM
  4. gavinn's Avatar
    I bought this app the other day and find that its well put together. There support seems to be more inviting.

    Was tired of waiting for Blaq to update theirs and found Tweedless to be inconsistent.
    07-06-11 11:52 PM
  5. Covsteve's Avatar
    New update 1.1.1 is out, has fixed the timeline issue but there is still an issue with not being able to see all of your followers and still limited in the number of tweets you can view when using the search function.
    07-07-11 07:26 AM
  6. GENOA apps's Avatar
    BlackBird 2.0 with totally new design, many new settings to choose from, portrait mode etc. is now available. Have a look
    12-05-11 03:47 AM
  7. Roscopcoletrain's Avatar
    Quick question, can you edit RT's?
    12-05-11 06:08 AM
  8. mundo472's Avatar
    why does the description say its a native app? how can it be native when its made by a 3rd party dev? lol
    It's a typo. It's supposed to read "naive app"
    (no offence intended, Genoa)
    12-06-11 08:21 AM
  9. bulls2213's Avatar
    Quick question, can you edit RT's?
    Doesn't look like it, no. Also doesn't have real-time timeline refresh like Blaq does, which is a shame because this UI is a total winner (seriously-- it's awesome!). Hopefully these features come in an update because I don't want to be using 2 twitter apps.
    12-06-11 10:16 AM
  10. bulls2213's Avatar
    Also, to the developer -- maybe it's just me, but for as often as users click the home/timeline button, it's kind of in a funny place. I'd maybe find a way to separate it from the rest of the icons (or put it at the top of the column and move the tweet icon to a different place, maybe above the logo or top right corner?) so you don't have to look for it / be so precise every time. Just a thought...
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    12-06-11 10:20 AM
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