02-10-13 01:01 PM
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  1. Darlaten's Avatar
    According to Blackberry Cool BlackBerry News App for the PlayBook Updated To 1.1 | BlackBerry Cool the Blackberry News App has been updated to 1.1 and adds the following:

    Portrait mode support for all screens
    “Read” articles are marked as such
    “New” content indicator on home screen
    Ability to update channels through data tethering
    Ability to switch channels in magazine view
    In the article view, ability to go to previous/next article
    View a feed immediately after subscribing to it

    Has anyone started receiving notification of an upgrade yet?

    EDIT: Just got my notification 1 minute after posting this
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    08-18-11 03:58 PM
  2. zee921's Avatar
    Nice upgrade
    08-18-11 05:20 PM
  3. PanaSama's Avatar
    Someone please upload the Bar file so i can sideload this app.
    08-18-11 05:56 PM
  4. marksasongko's Avatar
    second that...
    08-18-11 07:39 PM
  5. Rasta-j's Avatar
    Me Three, still running the old version and cant load outside US and CA.
    08-18-11 08:14 PM
  6. frfghtr's Avatar
    Great news app that just got better.
    08-18-11 10:14 PM
  7. sk8er_tor's Avatar
    Great upgrade!
    08-18-11 10:43 PM
  8. jasperlin's Avatar
    finally!!! i just tested it, works well.

    finally, i can use this via tether! great great update.
    08-19-11 01:18 AM
  9. jasperlin's Avatar
    portrait mode is spectacular btw
    08-19-11 01:19 AM
  10. xxplosive82's Avatar
    *Wonders when all news can be viewed @ once like the phone app.
    08-19-11 03:09 AM
  11. DangerMouseUK's Avatar
    Please please can someone get a copy of the bar file for this so I can sideload as well.

    Funny how the one app I might use alot that looks quite polished, and we don't even get it in the UK !

    08-19-11 10:37 AM
  12. DanPBB's Avatar
    I updated to News 1.1 and now it is not getting any feeds. They show up and it says it is updating, but it doesn't show any articles and if I click on one I just get "This feed currently contains no articles..." I tried uninstalling/re-installing, rebooting, still not working.
    08-19-11 11:45 AM
  13. pbbd002's Avatar
    I agree, this is a welcome upgrade. One question...

    The Blackberry News 1.1 Release Notes on the Technical Support Center states, "You can now browse BlackBerry News content through BlackBerry Bridge." What does this really mean? Starting News with Bridge active, but no Wi-Fi results in same "no connection, you can only browse previoulsy downloaded content" message as before. Tapping links in content tries to start regular browser (again, with no Wi-Fi or tethering, fails). Any ideas?

    BlackBerry News App Release Notes 1.1 (for Playbook)
    08-19-11 02:09 PM
  14. DangerMouseUK's Avatar
    HaTaX - where's that guy you know that uploaded the last newz.bar ?
    08-19-11 02:59 PM
  15. HaTaX's Avatar
    I might be able to convince him to post up the latest release, I know he's pretty busy but I'm sure I can talk him into it.
    08-19-11 03:15 PM
  16. DangerMouseUK's Avatar
    If you could get in touch with him that would be amazing

    I'm actually dying to use an APP for the PB !!! And I can't access it !!

    08-19-11 07:09 PM
  17. HaTaX's Avatar
    Good thing he and I are BFF...

    BB Newz Enjoy!
    08-20-11 12:10 AM
  18. Rasta-j's Avatar
    I might be able to convince him to post up the latest release, I know he's pretty busy but I'm sure I can talk him into it.
    That there would be awsome, all the International Crackberry users would be gratfull HaTaX..
    08-20-11 02:09 AM
  19. DangerMouseUK's Avatar
    Tell your BFF he is Da_MAN
    08-20-11 07:21 AM
  20. catwoman66's Avatar
    Where do you download the file to, computer or PB? Thanks
    08-20-11 03:47 PM
  21. DangerMouseUK's Avatar
    Computer then sideload, there's a tutorial knocking about somewhere . . .
    08-20-11 09:56 PM
  22. HaTaX's Avatar
    I'll take the opportunity to plug my own thread here: http://forums.crackberry.com/playboo...pworld-615199/

    louis.keeper has also put together a nice GUI around the process, you can take a look at his thread here: http://forums.crackberry.com/forum-f...indows-619796/

    Both good ways to load bar files onto your PB, and as a bonus, once you've figured it out you're free to go load any other bar files you find out in the wild. Good way to get your Angry Birds fix for now.
    08-20-11 10:13 PM
  23. catwoman66's Avatar
    Thanks guys - off to play
    08-21-11 01:01 AM
  24. CiderGuru's Avatar
    For us BB / Playbook owners who live outside the U.S. and who can not access country-restricted apps such as Blackberry News, the easiest method is to use a free proxy service to trick AppWorld on your PB into thinking you are in the U.S.
    08-22-11 01:53 PM
  25. ad19's Avatar
    Good thing he and I are BFF...

    BB Newz Enjoy!
    Anyone still have this bar file?
    02-06-13 05:39 PM
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